I lead enterprise 360°VR (virtual reality) projects and edit tv shows.

My most recent work as editor is for construction reality TV series Nigel Nagel Neu (24 episodes x 25min) and Die Bodenseepolizei documentary TV series (4 episodes X 44min), Das Experiment survival reality TV series (8x28min) that aired in Germany, Austria and Switzerland . 

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When I was living in Los Angeles, I worked with Mr. Brainwash, on LIFE REMOTE CONTROL featured in Oscar Nominated Film EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP.

I am also fluent in German, English and Italian. I have very close ties with the creators of Apple's FCPX as I am also Apple Certified Trainer.

J O E   L E V Y   A T   W O R K   O V E R   T H E   Y E A R S